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Behind the Mask by a Fashion Stylist

What lies hidden behind your mask?

Do you hide yourself from the world?

Do you wear a mask so no-one will recognise you?

Do  you hide behind designer labels, sunglasses or makeup so I can’t see you?  

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In Venice, centuries ago men and women would wear beautiful masks to hide their identity and social status when they went out.  The masks were usually worn during Venice’s historical pageant known as Carnevale.   People could act more freely or/and incognito.  This magical festival continues today with elaborate costume or masquerade balls, from late January to mid February.

Life is too short to hide your identity and not be comfortable in your own skin.   As a Fashion Stylist I encourage you not to wait any longer, step into your power today.  

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A Fashion Stylist’s Guide to Ultimate Style 

  • Adopt a self assurance and style that is part of you
  • Be playful with fashion but don’t let it overtake you
  • You be the star, not your clothes or makeup
  • Invest in versatile garments that transition from work to weekend
  • Mix tailored classics with on-point pieces for a personal twist.

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I hope my Style Blog is helping you express your individuality in the way you dress.  

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