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Are We There Yet?

As women why do we tend to live in the past or in the future?  Why don’t we just enjoy where we are right now.  

That’s why I loved the Mrs V Shift which focussed on creating a positive shift for women in work, love and spirit. Hosted by Scarlett Zola Vespa, the event brought together a group of amazing  female leaders who believe we must live in the moment.


Why is it that as women we are always too young or too old?  Scarlett espouses a healthy community has a balance of ages where everyone should be given merit for what they contribute.  We need to change the perspective so that women are perceived as still vital when they reach 40 and beyond, especially in the workplace where employers don’t see the value in having staff over 40.


With a booming ‘Femeconomy’, women are making a huge contribution and want to bring back a sense of community, sisterhood and collaboration. We love to champion each other and want more authenticity in our lives.

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Sense of Self

We need to put ourselves first, be at our best health and have a greater sense of self. Its not how we look, its how we feel.  We want to look modern, confident with an inner glow.  As a Woman’s Stylist, I encourage you to be your own authentic self and revel in your own personal style.

Advocate for Social Change

Our thoughts are important as it determines how and what we do.  We need to be relevant and be our own truth. To take centre stage and look at how we see our life. There are no mistakes, only lessons learnt.


Step into your power and be the person you most want to be. And, the best thing you can do is SMILE, it actually makes you look younger and it doesn’t cost a cent.

Turn Back the Clock

CEO of Beauty Dossier, Janet Muggivan beauty tips for women 45+

  • Avoid black eyeliner, wear charcoal or brown
  • Avoid frosted blushers and eyeshadows
  • Frame your face with well groomed brows
  • Use highlighter on top of your cheekbones (like Cate Blanchett)

If you’d like to know more why don’t you take advantage of my free 15 minute consultation to get the low-down on how to look great on 0419 468 272. Find out more at my FAQs.

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